Trod by Beasts Alone

Soooooo excited to be opening my new show Trod by Beasts Alone at Wellington Street Projects on October 25th at 6pm! Come along and check it out! There will be performance hand massages at the opening and on Sat 28th 12-2pm. 

Beastly Itch

To breed pigs, farmers use HogMate; a synthesised pheromone that makes pigs uncontrollably horny (get out of the pen, it’ll have your leg). In 2016, I experienced for the first time the intoxicating impulse to sleep with men (it coincides with my ovulation), and then Trump became president. Trod By Beasts Alone explores the artists sense of losing control of her desires through her biology; of perverse salacious obsession; of becoming beast on breeding day.


To join us you must lose yourself (a beastly itching)    2017

Video Still, duration 5:06Filmed by Kuba Dorabialski