Lee Kun-Yong at 4a!!

I am SO EXCITED to present "a raging event of continual sound (the Sun)" at 4a as part of Lee Kun-Yong's Equal Area. A master performance artist, I am lucky enough to participate in a workshop with Lee Kun-Yong, before responding to his work on Feb 8th at 4a! 

Trod by Beasts Alone

Soooooo excited to be opening my new show Trod by Beasts Alone at Wellington Street Projects on October 25th at 6pm! Come along and check it out! There will be performance hand massages at the opening and on Sat 28th 12-2pm. 

Beastly Itch

To breed pigs, farmers use HogMate; a synthesised pheromone that makes pigs uncontrollably horny (get out of the pen, it’ll have your leg). In 2016, I experienced for the first time the intoxicating impulse to sleep with men (it coincides with my ovulation), and then Trump became president. Trod By Beasts Alone explores the artists sense of losing control of her desires through her biology; of perverse salacious obsession; of becoming beast on breeding day.


To join us you must lose yourself (a beastly itching)    2017

Video Still, duration 5:06Filmed by Kuba Dorabialski

NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (emerging) !!!!

Thrilled to be a finalist in the 2017 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship!!!!

I'm on of nine artists, and the only one who chose to wear double denim (ACID WASH) in the promo image.  Exhibition opens at Artspace on 8th November 2017, where the winner is announced. 


Thrilled for my work to be curated in to A BROKEN LINK. A survey of contemporary practice in artist film and video. A BROKEN LINK is comprised of two discrete programs based on location. The program is curated by two Sydney-based and two London-based curators in an attempt to explore the similarities and differences of aesthetics and conceptual concerns of artists’ film and video from two different ends of the earth. The UK program has been curated by Simon Hollington and Andrew Marsh. The Australian program has been curated by (the wonderful) Samantha Ferris and Claire Taylor.

Sydney screening is at the Golden Age Cinema on Sunday 28th May, 5:30. Tickets available

Terra Firma Magazine

Wrote a little piece for Sophie Willison's wonderful mag Terra Firma. It's a great publication and was a lot of fun to write!

GENEXT Primavera Edition at MCA on Dec 4th

I had so much fun participating in the MCA's Genext Primavera event! It is such a great free program for young people, and wonderfully curated by the delightful and diligent Belinda Sculley. I got work with the lovely Giselle Stanborough and the below image was taken by a wonderful artists and a sublime friend Jodie Whalen. Thanks for having me Genext.

Lighting a constellation of stars with some of the wonderful Genext youth. 

Lighting a constellation of stars with some of the wonderful Genext youth. 

Crinkling News!

Really lovely article about my work on Crinckling News - a newspaper for kids. The lovely Dhana Quinn interviewed me about my work at Underbelly last year in light of the Paris Climate Agreement. 


I'm not going to lie, this is a tiny bit exciting! MCA is using my image on it's banner about Primavera. 

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

It has been such a privilege to work with Emily Cormack and the MCA team on this show. I am really proud of the work, and proud to exhibit alongside such extraordinary artists and art crushes. 

Bristol Biennial! The Great Dying

Really really thrilled to be presenting The Great Dying at the Bristol Biennial 2016: In Other Worlds. There are excellent artists involved, like the wonderful Michaela Gleave. Come along if you're around Bristol!


A few months ago I did a little Ted talk. It was loads of fun. So much to say about air. 

Out of the Box with Ash Berdebes on FBi

Had so much fun talking with the hilarious Ash Berdebes on her excellent show Out of the Box. Like, literally felt like winning an Oscar. I think it's available on iTunes (never thought I'd say that sentence).

PRIMAVERA announced!!!!

Thrilled to be included in this year's PRIMAVERA, curated by the achingly wonderful Emily Cormack and alongside such an incredible group of artists! 
Look at my little face, and sharp socks. Pleased as punch.